Kristina Garland Personal Training - Fitness and weight management in & around Tunbridge Wells
About me & Qualifications 

It may surprise you to learn that I wasn’t in the least bit sporty as a child and never thought I'd end up as a Personal Trainer! 

I launched into motherhood in my early twenties and, after three babies in as many years, realised that it would take more than a half-hearted diet and the odd aerobics class to get into shape. I joined a gym and was amazed by the difference that weight training made to my body shape and how much regular exercise boosted my energy levels.  It wasn’t long before I decided to qualify as a Personal Trainer and begin a career in fitness. 

I expanded my skills further and qualified as an Exercise to Music instructor and have continued to add to my repertoire by training in Fitness Pilates and Indoor Cycling. 

After the birth of my fourth child I joined Buggy Workout in Dunorlan Park, a class that allows mums to exercise with their babies.  I’ve now progressed from participant to teacher and have made some fantastic friends along the way! For more information visit

Having been unfit and out of shape myself, I realise that losing weight and getting fit on your own can seem overwhelming. May be you're already quite fit but have reached a plateau, or perhaps you have a very stressful job and need an outlet to help you to relax. Whatever your needs, I can help by providing support, motivation and empathy…you just need the desire to change. 


Advanced Personal Trainer Certificate  
Gym Instructor            
Certificate in Circuit Training      
Exercise to Music           
Fitness Pilates  Instructor        
Indoor Cycling Instructor        
Nutrition and Weight Management 
Appointed Persons First Aid   

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