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This week I'm going to be asking my clients to make time for a couple of sets of push ups and tricep dips on the days that I don't see them...summer is upon us and it's time to get those arms ready to show off!  What you do in between your personal training sessions with me can make a huge difference to your results and I encourage all of my client to incorporate just a little extra activity into their everyday lives. 

Welcome & customer testimonials

Welcome to my new Personal Training website!

Are you looking for a personal trainer in Tunbridge Wells to help you improve your fitness, lose weight or simply feel better? Then look no further...take a look at how I have helped the following people:

Victoria Moore was a size 16/18 when she started training last year. She's now a size 12 (and still shrinking) and has lost nearly 3 stone:

"Kris is an inspiring trainer who has helped me achieve results which I didn't think were possible.  Kris's energy, knowledge and professionalism are great and after ten months of training every session has been different.

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Tip of the week
Welcome & customer testimonials


Customer testimonials
Tip of the week
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